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We are Great at

  • Brand Insight

    Great brands are built on a platform of insights.

    We help brands answer the WHY?   We help our clients gain clarity on the current brand position as well as the long term brand vision.

  • Brand Strategy

    We help brands discover their purpose. 

    What it is that really sets them apart from every other brand around the block. We employ facts, intuition and a creative blend of science with art, to craft compelling brand propositions, design remarkable experiences and define the building blocks for lasting relationships.

    We provide an integrated branding strategy for brands, necessary to guide all communications & expression

  • Brand Identity

    We help improve the perception of the company in the eyes of the world. We help develop and reinforce the identity platform and key brand assets.

  • Brand Rollout

    An implementation plan can be crucial to building a powerful brand, and ensuring that your company has a strong enough foundation for future. At Alkhemy, we help in embedding, placement and communication of the refreshed brand identity in across advertising, public relations, media investment and digital marketing.

  • Brand Evaluation

    We believe that great design is the mouthpiece through which great brands communicate.

    Through brand evaluation,  we monitor and track brand positioning, media coverage and engagement and adoption of learnings to strategic actions.